QVS – SunShadow Fabrics

QVS – Quality, Value and Service.

As of Wednesday 23/8/17, we will be reducing prices by placing the following colours from the Sunshadow Fabric range into Group One.

– Sunshadow Charcoal/Bronze N902
– Sunshadow Charcoal/Bronze RR89
– Sunshadow Charcoal/Sable RR72
– Sunshadow Bronze/Grey RR84
– Sunshadow Bronze/Mustard RR82
– Sunshadow Beige/Bronze RR28
– Sunshadow Linen/Pearl RR23
– Sunshadow White/Apricot RR11
– Sunshadow White/Linen RR12
– Sunshadow Ivory N091

This will ensure you our customers, have the best quality and priced range of screen fabric being offered in our industry.


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