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Disclaimer and Code of Conduct

Incorrect sizes/measurements/orders

Sunteca will not be held responsible for incorrect measurements entered into the system. All products made to incorrect specifications will be charged as normal to your account.

Late delivery

Sunteca will not be held responsible for losses caused by late delivery of products. While all measures will be taken to process orders as soon as possible, orders may be delayed due to unforseen circumstances.

Finality of orders

Once orders are submitted into the system, they cannot be cancelled or deleted. Please make sure you have made correct measurements and that any ‘special’ features are noted in the comments section of the orderlines.

Password security/no encryption

Please note that the system is is not encrypted in the same way that online banking is secured. It is simply protected by your username and your password. You are responsible for keeping your password secret. If you give your password to other parties, Sunteca will not be held responsible for any misuse of your account. If you suspect that you password has been ‘hacked’ or stolen, please let us know and it will be reset for you.

Stop credits

Sunteca/Westral reserves the right to withold further services until outstanding accounts are settled. This means that further orders will not be taken, items that are already in production will be completed, and finished items will be held until your accounts are settled.

Pricing changes

Sunteca reserves the right to adjust prices at any time and without prior notice.

Unforseen impracticalities

While all care has been taken to ensure that impractical items cannot be ordered with this system, please be aware that we cannot forsee every impracticality. Thus we reserve the right to refuse to manufacture any item which cannot be produced practically.

Withdrawal of service

Sunteca reserves the right to withdraw access to the online ordering system at any time. This online system is provided as a service to our customers. While all diligence is taken in keeping this system functioning at optimal levels, there will be times when it may need to be shut down for maintenance/upgrades, etc. Please bear with us as we endeavour to restore full functionality.

Abuse of the system

Abuse of the online system will not be tolerated. There are severe penalties for accessing/altering information which belongs to someone else. These include jail terms and heavy fines. Also, please note that improper use of the system can result in your access privileges being revoked. Please do not abuse the system.

Legal rights

Use of this web site and the ordering system indicates your acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer.All intellectual property on this web site belongs to Sunteca WA Pty. Ltd. and is protected by international copyright.